Portraits of Antonio Stradivari

The Museo del Violino is researching about the portraits of Antonio Stradivari. For this purpose, we ask your contribution to locate the works mentioned here below. If you have any relevant information, please write us at info@museodelviolino.org . Thank you in advance for your precious collaboration. 

The painting, oil on canvass, cm. 64 X 84, adapted to falsely portray Antonio Stradivari, was attributed to the Venetian painter G. Lazzarini (from « Il Regime fascista », Cremona, n. 56,  6 March 1937)

EDOUARD JEAN CONRAD HAMMAN, Stradivarius dans son atelier (I859 c.), from a photograph dating back to the early 19h century once belonging to Ms Elena Stradivari (coll.  L. Bisiach – Venegono Superiore di Varese).
The counterfeited medallion (oil on cardboard), cm. 5,5X7,5, « Stradivario . 1691 », with the false signature « Gialdisi » (from the periodical  «Cremona », n. 2, February 1929, p. 8).