new book Antonio Stradivari disegni modelli forme


first complete Catalogue of the Stradivari Collection

technical files and images of more than 1300 artifacts


Fausto Cacciatori

in collaboration with
Marco D’Agostino

contributions by
Marco Malagodi

introduction by
Renato Meucci

Italian and English text
photographs by Vico Chamla, Studio Pi Tre
size 240×285 mm
400 colour pages
glossy paper 150 gr
softcover with flaps
DVD with images of more than 1.300 artifacts

Two catalogues about the extraordinary heritage currently exhibited in the Museo del Violino have been published over the years. The first catalogue, edited by Simone Fernando Sacconi, was published in 1972, and the second one, edited by Andrea Mosconi and Carlo Torresani, appeared 15 years later. In both cases, the catalogues included only the technical files of the 709 objects considered as coming from Stradivari’s workshop that were previously exhibited in the Museo Civico.
In this new volume, the complete catalogue of more than 1.300 artifacts that come from the workshops of Antonio Stradivari and Enrico Ceruti will be available for the first time. The accurate historical reconstruction, the study of the previous two catalogues, the paleographic and scientific investigations will cast a new light on this extraordinary heritage that is indissolubly linked to the work of Stradivari and to the traditional violin making craftsmanship recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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