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20th-Century Italian Luthiers in the Collections of the Museo del Violino

21 September 2022 - 26 February 2023



    22 September  2022 – 26 February 2023

    The Collection of Italian Violin Making, currently hosted in the Museo del Violino, consists of 57 instruments mainly belonging to the Civic Violin Making Collections of the Municipality of Cremona.

    Among the numerous makers we find some of the most distinguished Italian luthiers of the previous century.

    The collection, assembled thanks to several donations from 1932 to 2021, allows us to reconstruct the history of Cremonese and Italian violin making in the twentieth century. After the difficulties encountered during the largest part of the century, the last decades were marked by a new season of renewed leadership of the city of Cremona.  

    1937 is remembered as one of the most significant dates in the history of Cremonese violin making. The Stradivarian Celebrations taking place that year played an indisputable role in the process of reconstruction of the city’s identity and in the birth of the International School of Violin Making.
    The celebrations, organized two centuries after the death of the greatest luthier ever, included an exhibition of historical violin making in palazzo Cittanova and the exhibition of the instruments of the Competition of Modern Violin Making in palazzo Soranzo Vidoni.

    Due to its history, Cremona was chosen nationwide as the centre for promoting the revival of modern violin making and as the place for hosting the works of the most prominent luthiers of the twentieth century. In that context two important donations were made by the Fascist Federation of Craftsmen and the National Agency for Crafts and Small Size Industries (E.N.A.P.I). The first donation consisted in 19 instruments made by Italian violin makers that had been awarded in previous national contests. The second one is the group of the 24 prize-winning instruments of the competition that took place in Cremona in 1937.

    Eventually, the Collection was further enriched by new instruments thanks to the generosity of private citizens.

    The documents, images and videos that complement the exhibition testify to some turning points in the history of Italian violin making and give a face to some of its leading figures.

    The violin donated by the maker Gaetano Sgarabotto to Gabriele D’Annunzio in 1934, currently belonging to Il Vittoriale degli italiani of Gardone Riviera (Brescia), is the only “guest instrument” of the exhibition


    violino Iginius Sderci (Firenze, 1934)
    violino Fernando Ferroni (Firenze, 1932)
    violino Gaetano Sgarabotto (Parma, 1935)
    violino Serafino Casini (Firenze, 1929)
    violino Luigi Galimberti (Milano, 1934)
    violino Biagio Caruana (Roma, 1934)
    violino Giuseppe Del Lungo (Firenze, 1925)
    violino Piero Parravicini (Milano, 1923)
    viola Fernando Ferroni (Firenze, 1927)
    viola Gaetano Sgarabotto (Parma, 1935)
    viola Giuseppe Lecchi (Genova, 1934)
    viola Armando Barbieri (Forlì, 1925)
    viola d’amore Silvio Vezio Paoletti (senza etichetta)
    viola tenore Fernando Ferroni (senza etichetta)
    contro violino Valentino De Zorzi (Firenze, 1914)
    violoncello Giuseppe Ornati (Milano, 1928)
    violoncello Alfredo Contino (Napoli, 1932)
    violino Giuseppe Fiorini (1924)
    viola Giuseppe Fiorini (1924)
    violino Luigi Digiuni   
    viola Luigi Digiuni   
    violetto Luigi Digiuni   
    violoncello Luigi Digiuni   
    violino Cesare Candi   
    violino Simone Fernando Sacconi (1941)
    violino Natale Novelli (1969)
    violoncello Romedio Muncher (1932)
    violino Carlo Bosi (1924)
    violino Dante Regazzoni (1980)
    violino in miniatura Giuseppe Lecchi   
    violino Piero Ferraroni   
    violino Andrea Mosconi (1950)
    violino Renato Scrollavezza (1958)
    viola Francesco Bissolotti (1988)
    archi Giovanni Lucchi   
    arco Candi   

    violino Gaetano Sgarabotto (1934)
    donato a Gabriele D’Annunzio
    Vittoriale degli Italiani – Gardone Riviera 

    Strumenti premiati al Concorso di Liuteria Moderna, 1937
    I premio violino Iginius Sderci di Firenze
    II premio violino Ferdinando Garimberti di Milano
    II premio violino Gaetano Sgarabotto di Vicenza

    I premio viola Iginius Sderci di Firenze
    II premio viola Ferdinando Garimberti di Milano
    III premio viola Giuseppe Ornati di Milano

    I premio violoncello Ferdinando Garimberti di Milano
    II premio violoncello Vincenzo Cavani di Spilamberto
    III premio violoncello Pietro Messori di Modena

    I premio contrabbasso Oreste Martini di Mantova
    II premio contrabbasso Biagio Caruana Marsigliese di Roma
    III premio contrabbasso Umberto Muschietti di Udine

    I premio quartetto Giuseppe Lecchi di Genova
    II premio quartetto Gaetano Sgarabotto di Vicenza
    III premio quartetto Marino Capicchioni di Rimini

  • mercoledì 21 settembre, ore 18.00
    Museo del Violino, Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi

    Concerto inaugurale
     in collaborazione con il
    Conservatorio Claudio Monteverdi


    mercoledì 28 settembre, ore 11:00
    Museo del Violino, Sala Fiorini
     Incontro “Liuteria Italiana in Argentina”
    presentazione libro e documentario Pablo Saraví

    a cura di CAMARADA films


    sabato 29 e domenica 30 ottobre, ore 12:00
    Museo del Violino, Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi
    Audizione Speciale con violini di Giuseppe Fiorini
    Christian Joseph Saccon, violino – Massimiliano Genot, pianoforte 


    venerdì 11 novembre, ore 20:30-22:30
    Museo del Violino, Sala Fiorini
    Apertura straordinaria
    visita guidata all’esposizione
    Sala Fiorini, ore 21
    Dialogo sulla liuteria cremonese
    con Nicola Arrigoni e Fausto Cacciatori 

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21 September 2022
February 26


Museo del Violino
piazza Marconi 5
Cremona, Italia
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