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the sound of Stradivari – performances on historical violins

01 January 2018 - 31 December 2019



The sound of Stradivari 

performances on historical violin Stradivari Vesuvio 1727c

The reason why the most famous musician choose the instrument of Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati. For its excellent sound. At MdV it’s possible to listen, live, the sound of these masterpieces assigned to skilled solo players in order to offer to visitors moments of intense and unforgettable poetry.
Only here at the Museum it’s possible to listen to the magnificent instruments of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri assigned to skilled solo players to offer moments of intense and unforgettable poetry. The Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi is the natural stage for these masterpieces, a place where the architecture tries to “capture” the sound in order to transform it in a picture; the music, ephemeral for its nature, take shape and substance: ephemeral and permanent in a timeless dialogue in the place of the celebration of the violin making t


 S 5 ore 12 –  Lena Yokoyama e Diego Maccagnola
 S 12 ore 12 – Aurelia Macovei 
 S 19 ore 12 – Aurelia Macovei 
 S 26 ore 12 – Lena Yokoyama

S 2 12 a.m – Aurelia Macovei
S 9 12 a.m – Lena Yokoyama
S 16 12 a.m – Sara Zeneli
S 22 12 a.m ( SALA 10, entrance 5€) – Sara Zeneli
S 23 16 a.m (in SALA 10, entrance 5€) – Lena Yokoyama
S 29 12 a.m – Lena Yokoyama
S 30 12 a.m – Lena Yokoyama


Ticket: Euro 7 – booking  0372 080809


01 January 2018
December 31


Museo del Violino
piazza Marconi 5
Cremona, Italia
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